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At the Arthur D. Warady law firm, you collaborate directly with a tech-savvy and tax-savvy lawyer who knows firsthand what it takes to succeed in business. Tap into my 50 years of legal and commercial wisdom.

attorney Arthur D. Warady

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Hands-On Legal Help For Hands-On Business Owners

My clients are not corner office executives who are content with the status quo. I work with entrepreneurs and tech wizards who are putting their ideas into action. I counsel people in the construction industry who are out there in the community literally building something important. I am a legal consultant to independent consultants whose product is their own industry expertise.

My law practice supports owners of closely held business for the full life cycle of the enterprise, from startup and raising capital to expanding their footprint or selling a mature business. I can attend to the fine print of contracts and transactions where conflicts arise. I can help establish, protect and maximize intellectual property. I’m here to troubleshoot emerging business disputes and to help clients avoid future entanglements.

From Boca Raton, working with clients in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York

An Old School Approach To Modern Business Realities

I am Arthur Warady, a business law attorney who has “lived your pain” as an entrepreneur myself for more than 30 years. I made my name in computer software, designing and commercializing software programs for professionals in the estate planning, financial planning, pension benefit analysis, and health and welfare plan administration fields. I founded this firm in 2002 to work one-on-one with kindred-spirit business owners who need customized and forward-thinking legal solutions.

  • I bring a deep understanding of industry nuances in tech, construction, healthcare and more.
  • I conduct myself with utmost integrity, maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • I foster trusted client relationships by listening closely to understand and refine your goals.
  • I draw on 50 years of experience to deliver precise legal guidance for complex legal landscapes.


Over the thirteen years that I have had the privilege to work directly with Arthur, I continue to find him an incredibly knowledgeable person. He is tremendously thorough and detail-oriented with an impeccable work ethic. Working for him – leading a team of consultants I have never met an individual as capable of translating rules and regulations into clear, concise application requirements. Using an incredible base of legal knowledge combined with a unique capacity to comprehend the current trends in technology he understands all angles of a project. Arthur has a tremendous legal and technical mind and is a true asset in any professional capacity.

Don Draper
Former CIO,  Rapid Data

Arthur is not like other attorneys with whom I’ve worked. He brings to bear an unusual set of skills blending years of entrepreneurial business and legal experience. I was introduced to Arthur after I sought the advice of two other attorneys who were not able to grasp my particular business goals and would not offer anything more personal and creative than their cookie cutter approach. Arthur differentiated himself by coming to the table with an open and creative legal mind. I appreciate his straight-forward approach, clear thinking, understandable explanations and quality of service.

Bruce Gomberg

I have been his client and worked with Arthur for more than 20 years. I’m always impressed by his broad knowledge and quality of work. Over the years he’s provided business and personal legal representation. Arthur has a unique ability to present complex issues in a concise manner that helps facilitate a good business decision. We were co-founders of Choice One Link, a venture in which Arthur architected and supervised the development of the industry’s first self-service, Internet-enabled database system for eligibility, enrollment and billing of Employee Health & Welfare Benefits. Together we are co-inventors of US Patent 6,067,522.

Robert W. Owen
CLU, ChFC, Principal — Benefit Insurance Group
Co-Founder — Surgeons Capital Management

Tax Aware Legal Care

Any business matter is a contract, and any contract has tax implications. In addition to my legal acumen and real-world business sense, I am a registered CPA in Illinois. I help clients anticipate tax consequences of business and real estate transactions and incorporate tax planning into every facet of their operations.

attorney Arthur D. Warady

Arthur D. Warady

I became a CPA in 1969 and a lawyer in 1973. I practiced law as a solo attorney in several different states while also forming, growing and exiting three software companies and an employee benefits firm. I also spent time in Brazil as the CFO of a food company. These diverse experiences helped me assemble a versatile toolbox of strategies and skills for any business scenario my clients face.